The Rosie Winter Mystery series


The books in the Rosie Winter Mystery series are:

  • Book 1: The War Against Miss Winter (Harper, 2007)
  • Book 2: The Winter of Her Discontent (Harper, 2008)
  • Book 3: Winter in June (Harper, 2009)

About The War Against Miss Winter

Meet Rosie Winter--starry-eyed starlet-to-be, plucky patriot,

part-time detective.  She Can Do It!

It’s 1943 and the Second World War seems far away in Europe and the Pacific. But for aspiring actress Rosie Winter, the war feels like it’s right here in New York City--what with food rationing and frequent blackouts…and a boyfriend she hasn’t heard word one from since he enlisted in the Navy.  Now her rent is coming due and she hasn’t been cast in anything for six months. The factories are desperate for women workers, but Rosie the Thespian isn’t about to become Rosie the Riveter--so she grabs a part-time job at a seamy, lowbrow detective agency instead.

There’s more to the Big City gumshoe game than chasing lowlife cheating spouses, however.  When her boss turns up dead, Rosie finds herself caught up in a ticklish high society mystery, mingling with mobsters, and searching for a notorious missing script. Maybe she has no crime-fighting experience--but Rosie certainly knows how to act a role.  No matter how the war against Miss Winter turns out, it’s not going to end with her surrender!


About The Winter of Her Discontent:

The ’40s are in full swing and Rosie Winter wants to be a Broadway star--but a murder, her two left feet, and a war are all getting in her way…

It’s tough shooting for stardom when there’s a war on. But Rosie’s got enough pluck for two, willing to stumble around in a Broadway dance chorus she’s got no right being part of in a musical that’s got “flop” written all over it--all the while worrying about her missing in action soldier boyfriend, Jack, who hasn’t written in months.  She’s also been keeping bad company lately with her mob-muscle pal, Al, who’s dabbling in a host of shady money-making enterprises in this time of shortages and rationing. But Al’s no killer. When the cops finger him for his girlfriend’s murder, Rosie and close compatriot/fellow castmate, Jayne, set out to clear big Al’s name--and plunge into an intricate backstage drama featuring a bevy of suspiciously well-dressed wannabe starlets. But the plot could soon be taking another lethal turn--bringing a final curtain down on Rosie, Jayne, and all their good intentions.

About Winter in June

New York, 1943: Aspiring Actress Rosie Winter has been marooned in New York throughout the War. Now, faced with the news that her ex-boyfriend Jack might not be coming home again, she's desperate to leave the homefront and head for the war front. So when Rosie and her best pal Jayne get an offer to go to the South Pacific to perform with the USO Camp Shows, they jump at the chance.

But being a greasepaint soldier isn't as easy as they hoped. Not only is the cast surly, the schedule inhumane, and the housing conditions primitive, they have to travel with a major -- and majorly difficult -- Hollywood star. But none of that is as bad as living in a war zone, and when tragedy strikes, Rosie and Jayne are left wondering if they are being targetted by the enemy or if something far more sinister is afoot.

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